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The purpose of the JCN EMS Cheer Squad is to promote and develop school spirit, set an example of good behavior, positive attitudes and good sportsmanship at athletic events. We will strive to increase self-esteem in its members, promote consistent academic performance, and encourage leadership qualities and life long social skills. 


The team will perform at:

  • Cheer at all football games.

  • Basketball games – We will be going to 1 cheer event a week during basketball season; that means if there are 2 games in a week and one is at home and one is away from home we will only go to the home game; if both games are away we will be going to one game. There is an exception and that is if both games are at home we will be cheering at both games.

  • Performances other than cheering – We will try to have 1 half time performance during football and 1 during boy’s basketball.


  • All members must adhere to the rules and regulations set for by the Kansas State High School Activities Association and Jefferson County North EMS and USD #339 Administration.

  • Each member must follow the Eligibility Policy guidelines set forth by USD #339 which includes academics.

  • Each member must follow the Student Conduct and Drug and Alcohol Free Policies set forth by USD #339


  • Each member is required to have a completed physical examination by a qualified physician and complete and sign a concussion form.The member must return the KSHSAA physical form to the sponsor before being able to participate in any tryout practices, official practice, and game or attend camp.

  • If there is a health problem such as asthma, epilepsy, etc., notify the sponsor of the condition so that they may assist in the event of a problem.

  • If at any time an injury should occur at school or out of school, it is necessary to have a doctor’s statement that they are unable to participate in the team in order to prevent further injury.If they do not have a doctor’s statement, participation/attendance will be expected. A physician’s statement will be needed to release the member to participate in the team or physical activities following any injury.

EXPECTATIONS AND CONDUCT - The following is expected of each member: 

  • Members are expected to maintain a positive and pleasant attitude and also display a high standard of good behavior at all times throughout the year as they are an official student representative of JCN EMS

  • Members must obey all policies set forth by USD #339 as stated in the JCN EMS Student Handbook

  • All members will be expected to participate throughout the entire school year and attend summer practices in May, June, July and August.

  • All members will maintain academic eligibility the entire year.

  • Members are expected to act beyond the standards of conduct of other students’ as they are leaders of the school

  • Be dependable and arrive on time for all events

  • Wear the proper uniform to practice (t-shirt, jacket, tennis shoes and poms)

  • Wear hair up, out of your face and off shoulders at all practices, games and events. Fingernails must not be past the end of your fingertips. No fingernail polish is allowed

  • Use no foul language or cursing.

  • If a member has a job or other outside activities which interfere with their team responsibilities, the member will be notified and if it continues, the member will be dismissed from the squad; practices & performance takes precedence over outside jobs, other outside classes, or activities.(Special circumstances may be excused by sponsor and/or Principal)

  • No gum, candy, cough drops or any type of food

  • No jewelry

  • Notify the sponsor before going to miss practice or performance

  • Report all injuries to the sponsor that happen during or before practices or performances.

  • No smoking, drinking or use any illegal drugs. Please refer to the JCN EMS Student Handbook for more details. Undesirable behaviors or attitudes as stated in the Student Handbooks as well as any behavior or actions that are detrimental to the reputation of the team or school

  • Other legitimate reasons at the sponsor’s discretion

Not all situations can be unforeseen thus outlined here; each will be dealt with in a manner decide upon by the sponsor and with assistance from the administrator if deemed necessary.


All practices, games and performance events are mandatory.  Only the sponsor has the authority to excuse a member.  After 3 unexcused absences or benching you may be dismissed from the team. 

There are valid reasons for members to be absent.  Each time a student misses a class or practice an opportunity for learning is missed.  Even by making up the work missed, the student still has missed out on a unique learning experience.  The following will be a guide for missing practice or performances. 

The following are excused absences and a parental note or telephone call is required to the sponsor. 

  • Illness or medical appointments

  • Family emergency

  • Other school related activity (practices, tests, ASAP, school trips, NOT detentions)


  • Take pride in your appearance.Hair will be up, out of face and off the shoulders at all practices, games, and events.Keep the uniform and jackets neat and wear them appropriately.

  • Each member will wear the designated clothing at school on the day of a performance event unless participating in a sport that requires you to dress up.

  • Uniforms are not to be worn other than at performance events

  • Each member must assume complete responsibility for their uniform.Should any mishap occur which damages or destroys any part of the uniform, or if the uniform is lost or stolen, full responsibility for replacing the uniform will be that of the member.

  • The uniform will be paid in full before the member can receive the uniform or be allowed to perform.


  • Members are expected to attend all practices that are scheduled by the sponsor.

  • Practice will begin at a set time.You will be given a schedule, if something changes notes or announcement will be made and signs will be posted.

  • Summer practices will be held during May, June, July, & August


  • Tardiness will not be tolerated.

  • All members will arrive at the game in full uniform.

  • Members will perform as determined by the sponsor.


  • Members will ride the bus/van to out of town events.If they do not ride school provided transportation they will not perform. At the conclusion of the event members may ride home only with their parent or guardian and must be signed out by a parent or guardian with the sponsor. The only time a parent/guardian would not have to sign members out with at the sponsor is if a written note from the parent/guardian was given to the principal and sponsor 8 hours prior to the start of the event which states the reason for the exception and release


  • Participating in all fundraising projects for the benefit of the squad. Each member will receive profits from the fundraiser based on the amount of time or individual sales. If a member’s profit exceeds the cost of their uniform or camp, that money will be placed in the cheer squad account for future use.

  • Plan, organize and conduct pep assemblies. Planning, organizing performance events must be pre-approved by the sponsor.

  • Decorate and make signs to promote school spirit for lockers, locker rooms, gym and hallways during football, volleyball, and basketball.

My contact information is:

Barb Polson

Cell - 913-426-1207

Email - bpolson@usd339.net

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