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Pep Club Rules


The purpose of the JCN EMS Pep Club is to promote and develop school spirit, set an example of good behavior, positive attitudes and good sportsmanship at athletic events. We will encourage leadership qualities and life long social skills. 


  • Will attend all home games.

  • Will attend the final NEKL games of Volleyball, Football, Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball.

  • To get into the games free you must wear your pep club shirt.

EXPECTATIONS AND CONDUCT - The following is expected of each member: 

  • Members are expected to maintain a positive and pleasant attitude and also display a high standard of good behavior at all times throughout the year as they are an official student representative of JCN EMS

  • Use no foul language or cursing.

  • Other legitimate reasons at the sponsor’s discretion

Not all situations can be unforeseen thus outlined here; each will be dealt with in a manner decide upon by the sponsor and with assistance from the administrator if deemed necessary.


The sponsor has the authority to excuse a member.  If a student is not behaving properly, parents will be notified and you will be responsible for picking up your student.    


For students to stay after school and attend a pep club activity parents need to send a note to school on that day so the office and bus drivers know. 


  • Members will ride the bus/van to out of town events and to events held in Winchester.  At the conclusion of the event members may ride home only with their parent or guardian and must be signed out by a parent or guardian with the sponsor.  The only time a parent/guardian would not have to sign members out with at the sponsor is if a written note from the parent/guardian was given to the principal and sponsor 8 hours prior to the start of the event which states the reason for the exception and release

  • For games that are held at Winchester, there will be a bus provided to transport students to Winchester but your student will need to be picked up in Winchester.  There will be NO bus to transport students back to Nortonville following the game

  • For games that are held at the EMS in Nortonville there will be NO bus to transport students to Winchester following the game.

  • Students must be picked up promptly following the event; failure to do so may cause your student to be unable to attend future pep club events.

  • Signup sheets will be posted in the gym to attend away from home games.

  • Members must have permission forms signed by parents or guardians to attend week end activities.


  • Participate in the year end fundraising project.Members will be required to sell a minimum of one box of candy bars ($60).

My contact information is:

Barb Polson

Cell - 913-426-1207

Email - bpolson@usd339.net


Pep Club Events

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